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    by Rick Sterling

    This book is a true battle map for your business! It will lay out all the wisdom and knowledge by this decorated US Army colonel. Management skills, gathered across the battlefields and army stations.

    All for helping you to become efficient and disciplined. As much, as an army officer should be when fellowmen's lives are concerned!

    Mr. Sterling's advice will teach to you to apprehend your business management likewise to army management. Because your business battles do concern your life and your employees' way of life!

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    About the Author Rick Sterling

    Sterling is a decorated marine, with a combat and command experience. This man ordered and followed hundreds of soldiers into victorious battles and special operations.

    This unique experience of leadership translated into commanding level of his business consulting career.

    Now, 7 years since it founding, his "Lexi Nova" business consulting centre advises Fortune 500 companies. Giving his guru advice on their strategic and tactical business operations.

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    Mr. Sterling's strategic business advice are written in a well structured, easy-to-follow fashion, which can be witnessed even while examining just few pages of the book.

    That is why we give away free sample of the first pages to our prospective readers.

    This preview will allow you to make sure that the "Marching to Leadership: Business Army" book is your kind of drill!

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    Decorated marine, with a combat and command experience, he ordered and followed hundreds of soldiers into victorious battles and special operations during his career.

    This unique experience of leadership translated into commanding, guru level of his business consulting career.

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